Ezicare Sheep

ezi8Morrison Farming’s sheep breeding objective is ‘To have a ewe flock that weans 160% lambs for finishing before Christmas; that are shorn once a year with no dagging and minimal animal health requirements.’

Morrison Farming has developed a composite called Ezicare based on Texel, Wiltshire and Coopworth. A SIL ACE (New Zealand Sheep Improvement Limited) recorded flock of approximately 500 ewes is used to breed our own Station rams. Elite industry rams are selected for the SIL flock, that have high performance for the traits of fecundity, growth rate, carcass yield and Facial Eczema tolerance.  Genetic selection based on traits, not breeds, mean that hybrid vigor is utilized while improving flock performance and maintaining a consistent Ezicare sheep type.

Our Ezicare ewes have a high reproductive performance, producing fast growing lambs that can yield an 18kg carcass at 100 days and mature early. We lamb 3,500 Ezicare ewes and 1,000 hoggets annually.  No dagging is required for any of our Ezicare ewes and lambs.

New Zealand farmers use Ezicare rams to:

  1. Breed fast growing, high yielding terminal lambs.
  2. Eliminate dagging from their lamb finishing.
  3. Have a high fecundity ewe flock that only requires once-a-year shearing with no dagging.

Morrison Farming have been breeding Ezicare composite sheep for over 30 years.  Each year we market a selection of quality breeding stock including:

  • 2-Tooth rams
  • Commercial ewe hoggets for breeding

Ezicare Sheep at Morrison Farming