Wiltshire Sheep

Morrison farming have been breeding and farming Wiltshire sheep since the 1980’s.  We have a polled Wiltshire stud of approximately 300 ewes.  These are across-flock performance recorded with SIL (New Zealand Sheep Improvement Limited) ACE.  The traits measured include:

  • Number of lambs born,
  • Survivability
  • Growth rate,
  • Carcass yield,
  • Facial Eczema

In addition to this, Morrison Farming maintain 500-800 commercial Wiltshire ewes and 50 purebred horned Wiltshire ewes.

Each year we market a large selection of quality Wiltshire breeding stock including:

  • 2-Tooth Rams – priced between $500-$1,000 depending on index and selection.
  • Ram hoggetts
  • Ewes
  • Ewe lambs

Quantities and price are available via a phone call with:

  • William – 027 640 1166
  • Daniel – 027 696 0265

The Wiltshire sheep breed is most recognised for it’s ability to annually shed its fleece, have no dags, it’s large lean carcase and naturally high fecundity.  These traits are why Wiltshires are one of the main ingredient breeds within Morrison farming’s Ezicare composite sheep flock (numbering over 4,000 ewes).

Wiltshire Sheep at Morrison Farming